15 Solar Power Facts You Must Know Before You Buy

  1. The solar power panels being installed today are 500 times cheaper than ones made in the 1950s and costs of production continue to decrease
  2. The first modern solar cell was invented by Russel Ohl, who patented his “light sensitive device” in 1941
  3. Over 1 million Australian homes already have solar installed, and this figure is rapidly growing
  4. The average home uses 20kWh of energy per day and the average solar system size in Australia can generate 13.5kW – almost 70% of average household consumption
  5. All the components in a solar system can be recycled, just one reason why they are so eco-friendly
  6. Solar energy is a clean form of energy that is quiet, free to use and is free from emissions and other pollutants
  7. Photons take approximately 7 seconds to reach the Earth from the sun, and in just one hour Earth receives more energy from the sun than is used by the whole world in a year
  8. Currently, solar produces less than 1/10th of one percent of global energy
  9. Australia has the highest solar radiation availability in the world per square metre
  10. If every rooftop in Australia had solar panels installed, the entire nation’s electricity needs would be met
  11. Solar energy accounts for 8% of overall renewable energy and constitutes approximately 1% of overall energy production and consumption
  12. Germany has the highest rate of solar capability with almost half of the world’s solar cells installed
  13. Solar panels are hardy and long-lasting; a good quality solar installation can provide electricity to a premises for decades
  14. Solar panels are the only form of technology currently in existence that don’t require moving parts
  15. Solar power is cheaper than you think, and a cost-effective investment for your home or business

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