Stand Alone Off Grid Solar Power

Universal Power and Light is your trusted provider of stand alone solar set-up and installation. With years of experience, our fully-qualified and licensed technicians are well equipped to take you through the process of making the switch to off-grid power.

What is stand alone solar?

Stand alone solar systems are designed for people who have properties that can’t be connected to the grid, or who prefer to be self-sustaining in regards to their energy supply and consumption.

To go completely off-grid, a stand-alone solar system requires four components:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Battery bank
  • Battery charge controller

Solar panels collect energy from the sun, which generates DC energy. This energy is fed into a regulator, which controls the amount of charge. Deep cycle batteries are charged: the most common types used in stand alone solar systems are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Gel and Flooded. 12 volt appliances can be run directly from these batteries or the current can be routed through an inverter, which will convert it to the 240V 50Hz AC electricity which is required for running standard home appliances. Unlike grid connect systems, with stand alone systems the inverter supplies energy to the premises overnight; energy which is otherwise stored in the energy bank.

How can we help?

Universal Light and Power is your trusted team of solar power specialists, with years of experience installing stand alone solar power systems. Our fully-qualified technicians provide a comprehensive level of service and support for all your solar requirements. We take pride in our quality workmanship, and any works completed by our fully-licensed specialists will always comply with the relevant building codes and safety standards.

We understand that reliable functionality is vital to sustaining your off-grid power set-up, and as such we only use the highest quality system components. Every home set-up is unique; we will visit your site for a comprehensive assessment and will tailor a customised solution for your home or premises.

If you wish to learn more about stand alone solar, organise a site visit or arrange a quote, call us on 0409 804 183 or email