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The Universal Power and Light team discuss all things electrical, from basic at home tips and tricks, to solar power and sustainable energy.
Stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the solar power industry while learning how to reduce your power consumption.

The Renewable Energy Target Under Review What Does This Mean for Solar

The Renewable Energy Target is under review What does this mean for Solar PV?   The renewable energy target (RET) is mandated by the federal government to ensure that 20% of our stationary energy is produced from renewable sources by the year 2020. Small technology such as residential solar PV and solar hot water systems […]

Energy Monitoring and Management Solutions

We here at Universal Power & Light are proud to announce our newly available energy monitoring and management equipment. Chart and track electricity, gas and water usage. Turn off appliances via your smart phone. Reduce your bills through knowledge and management.

Power companies raising prices – helps solar

As the price of solar and battery storage continues to drop and the price of grid power rises, the financial incentive for consumers to go solar continues to increase. Soon the two will cross and who knows what will happen next?

Trends in IT and DATA

Comments from Joe Henry, IT and DATA guru.  iPads & other tablets are now the main way to access the internet. Computers will be used for the “heavy lifting” & not so much casual use. The trend for both windows & apple computers is down. Most homes & businesses will have more than one tablet […]

Internet and Data available anywhere you need it.

In most domestic installations the data and internet start at the modem. The phone line plugs into the modem which also acts as a router sending the data to specified ports. Each port is labelled to assist in ease of redirecting data and fault finding.

Energy Saving Guide for Households

ClimateWorks, an independent non profit consulting company based at Monash University. In partnership with CSIRO they have  produced a detailed guide to assist Victorian households lower their Carbon Emissions. The PDF version of the report “Low Carbon Lifestyles A Practical Guide for Households” is available here. Of interest the report highlights how effective a Solar […]