Switchboard Upgrade

A switchboard upgrade is one of the single most important things you can do to protect your most precious assets: your family and your home. Universal Light and Power can evaluate your current power set-up and upgrade your switchboard to adequately meet the power requirements of your premises.

Why would I need to upgrade my switchboard?

Our power consumption habits have changed dramatically since many of our homes were originally built, and many switchboards in older houses are struggling to meet the energy demands placed on them by the increasing use of devices like computers, home theatre systems, tablets, mobile phones and other appliances. Many of these new devices are expensive, sensitive to power surges and contain important data, so it makes sense to ensure that your switchboard is properly equipped to supply your home with power.

Older-style houses with old wiring systems and obsolete switchboards are potentially fatal sources of fire, electric shocks and electrocution. Frequent power outages, power tripping, flickering lights or fuses burning out are sure signs your system needs upgrading, particularly if your current switchboard has rewirable fuses made from ceramic, which no longer comply with current standards.

What protection do new switchboards offer?

New switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the power supply when there is an electrical fault, mitigating the risk of the fire and electrocution.

How can Universal Light and Power help?

Universal Power and Light offers a comprehensive range of switchboard installation, repair and maintenance services:

  • Installation of new switchboards in commercial and domestic premises
  • Upgrading and up-sizing existing switchboards to accommodate greater demand
  • Adding safety switches to existing electrical switchboards
  • Replacing older-style switchboards with new and safer versions

Not sure how much a switchboard upgrade will cost? Phone us on 0409 804 183 or to contact to a qualified consultant.