Trends in IT and DATA

Comments from Joe Henry, IT and DATA guru.

  •  iPads & other tablets are now the main way to access the internet.
  • Computers will be used for the “heavy lifting” & not so much casual use.
  • The trend for both windows & apple computers is down.
  • Most homes & businesses will have more than one tablet & Smartphone.
  • All homes & most businesses will need a WiFi Internet hotspot, for them to connect, as connecting individually using 4G mobile phone is very too expensive.

Over the two years, I believe that:

  • Ultrabook style computers will dominate the laptop computer market.
  • Desktop computers or large laptops will be the choice of gamers & heavy graphics & data crunchers.

I think a longer term trends include:
Access anywhere to voice & data via:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

A decrease in the number of devices that a person carries:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Ultrabook

But no:

  • GPS – use Smartphone.
  • Pager – use Smartphone.
  • 2nd mobile – use Smartphone with second SIM.

Use of some smaller battery & mains devices will also decrease as their function is used in the Smartphone:

  • Torch
  • Alarm clock
  • Radio & music
  • Replacing dedicated remote controls

I see an increase “data stream services” connected to the Smartphone & tablet:

  •  Home & business smart power meters.
  • Remote control of high electrical consumption devices.
  • Onsite & national weather.
  • Streaming music, movies & TV.