Why Choose Universal?

We love helping people:morgan-kurrajong-rural-electrician

The old lady needs her light globe changed, the family needs a switchboard upgrade so they have safety switches, the powerpoint that is “sparking” is replaced for the gay fellas, all electrical for the extension and bathroom upgrade for the empty nester, the list goes on. The customer has an electrical issue, we come in and do our work, problems solved and they happily pay us. It is very satisfying. We employ local individuals and support the local community.



Quality workmanship:

We offer a five year workmanship warranty. So any workmanship issues over the first five years and we’ll fix it for free!

2013 Service Award

Oh and here is our 2013 Service Award.


Environmental Ethic:

All “waste” cable is saved for recycling. Reducing landfill and reducing the need for new copper mines.  All installs are designed to be energy efficient, reducing emissions , lowering power bills and keeping customers more comfortable.

Competitive Price:

We don’t aim to be the cheapest. We simply strive to be efficient in our work practices and offer suggestions that may save the customer money. We also have minimal mark up on materials helping to bring the price down. Our price for an A Grade Electrician per hour is $66 inc GST, extra for apprentices. Many other electrical contractors charge out their Electricians at much higher rates. Even our bookkeeper charges herself out at more than us.


See our community service page and read how we are giving back to the community. From Chewton Pool to the CFA to the Golden Hope Foundation.